ITW GSE 2400

Hobart 2400 Ground Power Unit Frequency Converter

2400 Performance Features:

  • Up to 400% standard overload
  • ITW GSE common user interface
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Suits all types of aircraft incl. A380, A350, B787
  • Easy access for cable connection & vital components
  • 90 kVA continuous at an ambient temperature of 132°F
  • Clean input power with a unity power factor and a current THD less than 5% due to the magnetic wave-shaping topology
  • TCP / IP connection to BMS as standard

The ITW GSE 2400 Compact GPU series is the market’s best choice when it comes to point-of-use 400 Hz solid-state Ground Power Units. It is small and simple, reliable and robust. This 400 Hz GPU has all kinds of outstanding technical qualities from the unique output voltage at the aircraft plug, the common ITW GSE user interface, soft-ware update via USB and the standard overload capabilities that matches all types of aircraft.

Fixed installations often include a mix of long symmetrical and asymmetrical output cables as well as connection boxes that makes it difficult to keep the required voltage quality at the aircraft connector. This is exactly where ITW GSE’s patented Plug & Play voltage compensation system makes a difference. The Plug & Play system is based on a true individual phase regulation combined with a predetermined model of the actual cable installation. Therefore, the 2400 GPU provides an outstanding voltage quality at the connector thus ensuring on-time departures and happy passengers!

2400 Specifications:

Voltage Amps (0.8) Amps (1.0) Hertz
400 ± 15% 38A 48A 45-65
480 ± 15% 31.6A 40A 45-65
600 ± 15% 25.3A 32A 45-65

2400 Dimensions:

Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
22.1″ 22.4″ 45.3″ 683

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