ITW GSE 4400

Hobart 4400 Ground Power Unit

4400 Performance Features:

  • ITW GSE designed and manufactured generator
  • ITW GSE user interface
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • No load shut down
  • 53 gallon fuel tank (200 L) with at least 8 hrs. run time at max full load
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Tow bar with parking brake
  • Sliding canopy for ease of access

The ITW GSE 4400 provides a quiet, fuel efficient apron power system. The ITW GSE 4400 is a mobile, diesel powered GPU that’s ideal for supplying power to all aircraft at places wherever you need an independent external power source. ITW GSE 4400 units are easy to move, remarkably tough and supremely reliable.

The new low profile design, mounted on a towable trailer with fifth wheel steering, makes this ultra reliable engine driven GPU easy to maneuver around the congested apron areas of modern airports. Due to the low weight of the GPU, you can tow it around even with small towing equipment thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

The low fuel consumption of the ITW GSE 4400 family results in big savings on your fuel costs as well as reducing harmful engine emissions.The weatherproof canopy is made of medium density polyethylene that can withstand just about any impact, and is fully recyclable. This tough canopy can withstand collision damage and chemical spills at operating temperature.

4400 Specifications:

Standards EPA Tier 4(f)
CARB Tier 4 EU Stage IV
Performance Continuous rating. 90 kVA
Continuous rating
3 phase, 4 wire, 115/200 V
Engine EU stage 4 certified
155HP (90 kVA)

4400 Dimensions:

Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) With ARU Without ARU
116″ (2,944 mm) 66.2″ (1,682 mm) 64.5″ (1,639 mm) 4,200 lbs (dry, no cables) 4,500 lbs. (dry, no cables)

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