We stock a large amount of commonly configured equipment, including: 28.5V DC engine powered Jet Ex, 28.5V DC GPU 400 & GPU 600 rectifiers, 400Hz AC Frequency Converters, and 400Hz AC engine powered equipment. We also have the ability to configure this equipment with some of our value-added, MCP engineered options. If you have a need that must be filled quickly, MCP is the best place to start your search. Our experienced sales staff can help you find the product you are looking for and have it configured to meet all of your requirements.

1400 - 28.5V Solid State Ground Power Unit


28.5 Volt DC, Solid-State

ITW GSE Hobart 2400 Fixed Version


400Hz AC, Solid-State Frequency Converter

ITW GSE Hobart 2400 - 270VDC Solid-State Ground Power Unit

2400 - 270VDC

270 Volt DC, Solid-State

2400CR - GPU Cable Retriever

2400 Cable Retriever

Cable Retriever for Output Cables

ITW GSE Hobart 2400 Power Coil 400Hz AC Ground Power Unit

2400 Power Coil

400Hz AC Frequency Converter w/ Cable Reel

ITW GSE Hobart 4400 Ground Power Unit


90 kVA Engine-Powered, 400Hz AC

ITW GSE Hobart 6400 (JetEx) Ground Power Unit

6400 (JetEx)

28.5V DC, Diesel Engine Powered

ITW GSE Hobart 7400 Battery Powered GPU


400HZ AC Battery Powered

7400 JetEx eGPU

28 VDC Battery-Powered Unit