EcoFlex Detergent Dispensing System for Flexible Cleaning

Sometimes it takes more than water to clean effectively

It takes EcoFlex™

Every cleaning challenge is different. Luckily, there’s a flexible solution. Advance’s EcoFlex™ System goes beyond standard green cleaning by offering sustainability and efficiency, while still meeting the highest standards for clean floors. The result? Green meets clean — the smartest way to go.

EcoFlex is easy to use and gives you flexibility

EcoFlex cleans like you do, and doing the job the right way pays off. You can develop a routine that works and quickly adjust to whatever the job demands. Be prepared to get more out of your budget, clean with less impact to the environment and maintain clean, shiny floors when you do.

Cost efficient

Flexibility means getting more out of one machine. With more performance right at your fingertips, you’ll save time, use fewer machines, and reduce water and detergent consumption. Today’s increasing demands for cost efficiency are tough to meet. Now you can do more with less.

Environmentally responsible

EcoFlex combines efficiency and sustainability to elevate green cleaning to a new standard – one that promotes good health and hygiene in addition to cleaning in an environmentally preferable manner. Efficient operation reduces all of the environmental impacts in cleaning – from the obvious (water, detergent) to the not-so-obvious (such as machine run-time and energy use).

Fits any routine

Floor-cleaning routines are easier with EcoFlex. Clean low-traffic areas with water only, use ultra-low detergent when you need to, and jump to a burst of power to deep-clean and tackle dirtier areas. Find the routine that works for you. The system’s flexibility makes it easy to develop the ideal routine for your staff, your floors and your budget.

Ecoflex offers several cleaning modes to support your process

Water only

Perfect for removing surface dirt and maintaining the clean look of floors. Water-only mode eliminates the impact of detergents on the environment and lowers cleaning costs. It’s the greenest, most economical way to clean.

Ultra-low detergent

Well suited for routine cleaning where a small amount of green-certified detergent will do the trick. Water and detergent are dispensed separately at the scrub deck, eliminating solution waste.

Standard detergent

The tough cleaning you expect. At the standard detergent dilution, pad pressure and flow rate, you’ll have a combination powerful enough to pull stubborn dirt from grout and porous surfaces.

Burst of power

For deep, restorative cleaning or unexpected challenges. EcoFlex’s burst of power temporarily increases your machine’s pad pressure, detergent use and flow rate at the touch of a button. You could call it one-touch magic. We call it EcoFlex.