7765 - 54" Scrub / 60" Sweep, Engine Powered Combination Cleaner

High dump feature on the 7765 industrial floor sweeper

High Dump Debris Hopper

The 7765 hopper can be raised, making it easy to dump debris directly into a waste receptacle while the operator remains seated. The hopper assembly can hold 16 cubic feet of collected debris.

The 7765 Recovery Tank

Recovery Tank

The recovery tank on the 7765 holds 100 gallons of water and can also tip out to make it easier to drain and rinse.

7765 floor scrubber Controls

Accu-Track™ Squeegee

The squeegee assembly on the 7765 provides superior water pick up and the system tracks very well in tight turns leaving no water behind.



Scrub Path 54 Inches
Scrub Brush Pressure Up to 600 Lbs
Sweep Path 60 Inches
Solution Tank 100 Gallons
Recovery Tank 100 Gallons
Hopper Capacity 16 Cubic Feet
Minimum Aisle U-Turn 120 Inches
Main Broom 50 Inches
Side Broom 24 Inches
Brushes (3) 18 Inches
Engine 74 HP, 3.0L
Dimensions 107L x 59W x 61.5H (Inches)
Height w/ Overhead Guard 85.5 Inches
Weigth 4,350 Lbs