Adgressor - 32 - 38" Battery Powered Rider Floor Scrubber

EcoFlex™ Detergent Dispensing System

Eco-friendly and effective cleaning is made possible with the optional, innovative EcoFlex™ System. It controls the amount of detergent being used without compromising results, providing actual savings. Made to be user-friendly, the operator can easily change the amount of detergent being used, from heavy to light. If the operator has a more soiled area to clean, they can activate the “burst of power” feature with the touch of a button. It increases solution output and detergent for intense cleaning power and simply returns to previous settings.

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Adgressor floor scrubber Controls

Intuitive Controls

The control system on the Adgressor is very intuitive as each button has an icon that clearly indicates its function. One-Touch™ operation is utilized on this scrubber and the steering system is very ergonomic for the operator. Forward and reverse functionality is incorporated into the pedal with automatic braking.



Scrub Path 32, 35 or 38 Inches
Maximum Productivity (32 / 35 / 38) 56,320 / 61,600 / 66,880 Square Feet Per Hour
Solution Tank 42 Gallons
Recovery Tank 42 Gallons
Brush Speed (Disk / Cylindrical) 250 / 900 RPM
Maximum Grade 20%
Minimum Aisle U-Turn 63 Inches
Voltage 36VDC
Batteries 310 Ah Flooded, 420 Ah Flooded or 312 Ah AGM
Charger Shelf Mounted or Onboard
Sound Level 68 dB A
Weight 1,553 Lbs