ES300-ES400 - Electric Carpet Extractor

Contained Carpet Extractors
Our ES300™ ST/XP and ES400™ XLP Self-Contained Carpet Extractors — featuring innovative technology and built on the industry-leading AquaClean® platform — are the new standard in high-performance, multi-purpose cleaning for your high-traffic carpeted areas.

Benefits of ES300 ST/XP & ES400XLP Self-Contained Carpet Extractors
Our certified deep cleaning system allows you to perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with fast dry times. The CRI Gold Seal of Approval ensures that these machines thoroughly remove dirt and water while meeting the highest industry standards to extend the life of your carpets.

  • Choose from three cleaning modes (LIFT, Deep Clean and Pre-Treat) that can be quickly engaged from the control panel – only available on the ES300™ XP and ES400™ XLP
  • Work longer without emptying and refilling with the increased tank capacity
  • Provide superior cleaning, increase productivity per tank and reduce water consumption with our patented LIFT Low Moisture Technology - only available on the ES300™ XP and ES400™ XLP
  • Improve air quality and reduce the risk of mold and allergens thanks to the fast 30 minute carpet dry time while in LIFT mode.
  • Simplify operation with the front-mounted drain hose, integrated hand tool (standard on the ES300™ XP and ES400™ XLP), adjustable handle for increased maneuverability and easy-to-use control panel
  • Conveniently store and maintain your carpet extractor thanks to the compact design


Cleaning Path 16 - 18 Inches
Solution Tank 9 - 12 Gallons
Recovery Tank 7 - 10 Gallons
Pump 120 psi
Vacuum Motor 1.5 hp, 3 Stage
Waterlift 120 inches
Power Cable 50 feet
Vacuum Shoe 16 - 18 Inches
Weight 118 Lbs