SC100 - 12.2" Upright Floor Scrubber and Carpet Extractor

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Big Cleaning for Small Spaces The SC100™ Upright Scrubber is a compact, cost-effective, efficient alternative to mop and bucket floor cleaning in small spaces and narrow aisles in shops, schools, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, homes and more.

Benefits of SC100 Upright Scrubbers The SC100 gets the job done faster and delivers much cleaner floors than traditional mop and bucket cleaning. With single pass scrub and dry performance that removes dirt and water, rather than spreading them around like a mop, you’ll decrease the chances of slip-and-fall accidents while creating a cleaner, more hygienic environment.

Simplify maneuverability and operation for your cleaning team with the comfortable two-hand grip and lightweight design Cut your overall cleaning costs and optimize efficiency with two solution flow settings, low solution indicator light and convenient detergent dosing cap Easily empty dirty water and clean the recovery tank thanks to the easy-to-handle flat recovery tank design Invest in a floor scrubber that’s built to last — strong aluminum frame and easy maintenance Add an optional carpet kit to freshen up smaller carpets and remove spots

No tools for brush removal for the Advance SC100 Upright Floor Scrubber

Tools Free Service for Brushes and Squeegees

The SC100 can be purchased with a soft-floor kit that gives you the ability to clean both hard surfaces and carpet. The squeegees and scrub brush can easily be removed and replaced with vacuum shoes an a soft surface brush.

Recovery tank with lid off on the Advance SC100 Upright Floor Scrubber

Removable Solution and Recovery Tanks

The SC100 has removable solution and recovery tanks that make it easy to refill the machine and dump the dirty recovered water. With a 0.8 gallon solution capacity and 1.0 gallon recovery capacity, the tanks are very easy to handle and service.

Cleaning under tables with the Advance SC100 Upright Floor Scrubber

Cleans in Tight Places

The SC100 easily cleans under tables and desks with an adjustable upright position. The scrub deck is equipped with squeegees in front of and behind the scrub brush so no water will be left behind.

Advance SC100 Upright Floor Scrubber

Vacuum Wand Assembly

The vacuum wand can be used to clean-up any water that may be left behind. Simply detach the wand from the cradle and remove any standing water.


Cleaning Path 12.2 Inches
Brush Speed 2100 RPM
Squeegee Width 12.6 Inches
Solution Capacity 0.8 Gallons
Runtime per tank Up to 16 Minutes
Recover Capacity 1 Gallon
Sound Level 72 +/- 2 dB A
Cord Length 33 to 50 feet
Performance / Hour 2,434 / 1,590 sq ft (226 / 147 sq m)
Waterlift, Max (Inches H2O) 72 in H2O (180 mBar)
Airflow, max. 33.9 CFM (16 L/sec)
Solution Flow 0/0.05/0.11 gal/min
Run time per tank Up to 16 min
Dimensions 15.75 in L x 14.2 in W x 45.3 in H

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