SC2000 - 20" Battery Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber

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More Productivity in a Compact Scrubber The SC2000™ Micro Rider Scrubber combines the productivity and efficiency of a rider with the maneuverability of a walk-behind, making it the most productive 20” scrubber on the market — perfect for offices, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools.

Benefits of SC2000 Micro Rider Scrubbers With a 20” cleaning path, 18 gal. solution and recovery tanks and up to 2.5 hours of cleaning time between battery charges, the SC2000 can double cleaning productivity at the price of a walk-behind model. And thanks to the compact design and intuitive controls, you’ll be equipped to clean in small spaces and narrow aisles.

Eliminate excess solution dispensing with SmartFlow™ technology, which automatically reduces solution flow rate when the machine slows down Extend the time between dump and refill by up to 50% with larger tanks and less dispensed solution Simplify user operation with One-Touch™ control and intuitive display integrated into the steering wheel Maneuver in narrow spaces thanks to the compact design Reduce costs by saving water and detergent, and contribute to green-cleaning, with the optional EcoFlex System

Steering & Controls for the Advance SC2000 floor scrubber

Steering and controls

The SC2000 puts all of the functionality at reach with an intuitive control panel that is built right in to the steering wheel. Toggles for EcoFlex and reverse make it easy to operate One-Touch™ start makes it easy to use.

Recovery tank and debris catch bin for the Advance SC2000 floor scrubber

Recovery tank and debris cage

The recovery tank is easy to access and clean. It comes equipped with a standard debris catch bin that will eliminate clogs on the drain hose side.


Scrub Width 20 Inches
Tank Capacities 18.5 Gallons
Voltage 24 VDC
Brush Motor Speed 155 RPM
Brush Motor 0.6 hp
Brush Pressure 33/66 Lbs
Working Speed 3.7 MPH
Maximum Running Time 2.5 Hours
Minimum Turnaround Aisle Width 70.9 Inches
Sound 68 dBA
Squeegee Width 28.3 Inches
Weight 754 Lbs