SC3000 - 26" Battery Powered, Rider Floor Scrubber

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Superior Cleaning in a Compact Design The SC3000™ is a compact rider floor scrubber delivering an ergonomic design, superior scrub system and innovative features for maximum efficiency and performance in hospitals, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government buildings and more.

Benefits of SC3000 Compact Rider Floor Scrubbers The optimized performance and innovative features of the SC3000 — including the sustainable EcoFlex™ System, patented SafetyGlide™ Scrub Deck, and Quiet Mode™ for daytime cleaning — make this the perfect compact floor scrubber for a range of applications, including those with limited access.

Eliminate wasted time and money with the patented SafetyGlide Deck — ensuring 100% water pickup and precise, straight-edge cleaning Simplify user operation with the fully integrated steering wheel control panel, including a graphical display indicating clean water level, detergent ratio and hours of use Reduce costs by saving water and detergent, deliver a green-cleaning solution, and match cleaning performance to the demands of the job with the EcoFlex™ System Scrub continuously for over an hour on a single tank of water thanks to the large 21 gal. tank and optimized operator comfort and safety Clean during the day and in noise-sensitive healthcare facilities by switching the SC3000 to Quiet Mode™

Steering and controls of the Advance SC3000 floor scrubber

Steering and controls

The SC3000 puts all of the functionality at reach with an intuitive control panel that is built right in to the steering wheel. Toggles for EcoFlex and reverse make it easy to operate One-Touch™ start makes it easy to use.


Scrub Path 26 Inch
Tank Capacities 21 Gallons
Maximum Speed 3.7 MPH
Brush Pressure 65 / 105 Lb
Brush Speed 230 RPM
Minimum Turn Around Aisle Width 59 Inches
Squeegee Width 35 Inches
Voltage 24 VDC
Batteries (4) 6 Volt Batteries
Battery Charger 24 VDC Onboard
Maximum Run Time 3.5 Hours
Weight 984 Lbs