SC351 - 14.5" Battery Powered Floor Scrubber with Rotating Squeegee

Rotating Scrub Deck and squeegee system on the SC351 floor scrubber

Rotating Scrub Deck & Squeegee

The SC351 is designed to clean in areas that other scrubbers cannot. A typical floor scrubber must be able to travel through the area that it is cleaning since the squeegee is mounted at the rear of the machine. This makes it impossible to clean in some areas without leaving water behind. The SC351 solves this problem with a rotating scrub deck that allows you to clean into an area, rotate the squeegee the the front and pickup water in reverse.

The SC351 has removable solution and recovery tanks

Removable Solution and Recovery Tanks

The SC351 has removable solution and recovery tanks that make it easy to refill the machine and dump the dirty recovered water. With a 2.5 gallon solution capacity and 3.0 gallon recovery capacity, the tanks are very easy to handle.

SC351 floor scrubber Controls

Intuitive Controls

The SC351 is very easy to operate with simple, intuitive controls. The height of the controls can be adjusted to be comfortable for any operator and the brush assist drive makes it easy to maneuver.

Tools Free and Very Low Maintenance

The daily maintenance on the SC351 can be completed without any tools. The battery is also maintenance free and comes with an automatic on-board battery charger.



Maximum Speed 2.5 MPH
Voltage 12VDC
Ip Protection Class IPX4
Insolation Class III
Rated Power 450 W
Sound Level 64 dB A
Maximum Run Time 100 Minutes
Maximum Productivity 3,500 Square Feet / Hour
Scrub Path 14.5 Inches
Minimum Aisle U-turn 33.5 Inches
Solution Tank 2.5 Gallons
Recovery Tank 3.0 Gallons
Brush Pressure 60 Lbs
Dimensions 28L x 17W x 18.5H (Inches)
Weight 146 Lbs.