SC6000 - 34 - 40" Battery Powered Rider Floor Scrubber

EcoFlex™ Detergent Dispensing System

Eco-friendly and effective cleaning is made possible with the optional, innovative EcoFlex™ System. It controls the amount of detergent being used without compromising results, providing actual savings. Made to be user-friendly, the operator can easily change the amount of detergent being used, from heavy to light. If the operator has a more soiled area to clean, they can activate the “burst of power” feature with the touch of a button. It increases solution output and detergent for intense cleaning power and simply returns to previous settings.

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SmartKey™ Operator/Admin Management Tool

SmartKey™ is a key control system that allows you to customize each operator's usage parameters. The admin key gives you access to settings, limits, impact events, logs, etc. Each operator key is serialized so that data can be stored based on operator usage and log certain events.

The SC6000 Recovery Tank

Recovery Tank

The SC6000 has a large recovery tank lid that gives you the ability to see the entire tank when cleaning it out. The lid utilizes press in gaskets that makes gasket replacement a breeze and ensures a great seal. The debris catch bin inside the tank reduces the chance of a clogged drain hose by collecting the debris before it can settle to the bottom of the recovery tank.

SC6000 floor scrubber Controls

Intuitive Controls

The control system on the SC6000 is very intuitive as each button has an icon that clearly indicates its function. One-Touch™ operation is utilized on this scrubber and the steering system is very ergonomic for the operator. Forward and reverse functionality is incorporated into the pedal with automatic braking.



Scrub Path (Disk / Cylindrical) 34 or 40 / 36 Inch
Maximum Productivity (34 / 36 / 40) 88,250 / 93,450 / 103,850 Square Feet Per Hour
Brush Speed (Disk / Cylindrical) 250 / 760 RPM
Solution Tank 50 Gallons
Recovery Tank 50 Gallons
Battery 36V - 310 Ah Flooded, 420 Ah Flooded, 312 Ah AGM
Run Time Up to 4.5 Hours
Propulsion System Variable Speed AC Brushless Drive
Maximum Travel Speed 5.6 MPH
Maximum Grade 18.5%
Minimum Aisle U-Turn 79.5 Inches
Weight 2,359 Lbs
Sound Level 69 dB A