SC800 - 28 - 34" Battery Powered Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

EcoFlex™ Detergent Dispensing System

Eco-friendly and effective cleaning is made possible with the optional, innovative EcoFlex™ System. It controls the amount of detergent being used without compromising results, providing actual savings. Made to be user-friendly, the operator can easily change the amount of detergent being used, from heavy to light. If the operator has a more soiled area to clean, they can activate the “burst of power” feature with the touch of a button. It increases solution output and detergent for intense cleaning power and simply returns to previous settings.

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The SC800 Recovery Tank

Recovery Tank

The SC800 has a large recovery tank lid that gives you the ability to see the entire tank when cleaning it out. The lid utilizes press in gaskets that makes gasket replacement a breeze and ensures a great seal. The debris catch bin inside the tank reduces the chance of a clogged drain hose by collecting the debris before it can settle to the bottom of the recovery tank.

SC800 floor scrubber Controls

Intuitive Controls & Paddle System

The control system on the SC800 is very intuitive as each button has an icon that clearly indicates its function. One-Touch™ operation is utilized on this scrubber and the paddle system is very ergonomic for the operator offering forward and reverse functionality.



Scrub Path (Disk / Cylindrical) 34 / 28 or 32
Maximum Productivity (28 / 32 / 34) 41,900 / 47,900 / 50,900 Square Feet / Hour
Brush Down Pressure (Disk / Cylindrical) 80 or 170 Lbs / 80 Lbs
Solution Flow 0.25 -0.65 Gallons Per Minute
Solution Tank 25 Gallons
Recovery Tank 25 Gallons
Maximum Transport Speed 3.6 MPH
Maximum Cleaning Speed 3.4 MPH
Maximum Grade 17.6%
Batteries (4) 6V: 242 Ah Flooded, 310 Ah Flooded or 312 Ah AGM
Sound Level 61 dB A
Minimum Aisle U-Turn 66 Inches
Weight 641 Lbs