SW5500 - 60" Rider Floor Sweeper (Battery, LP or Hybrid)

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The SW5500 is a highly maneuverable industrial floor sweeper with superior dust control. This sweeper utilizes an over-throw sweeping method that allows for efficient collection of debris and intuitive front wheel steering. With a 60 inch sweeping path and a 40 gallon hopper, this compact sweeper is designed to be very productive.

Safety is a key component to great equipment design. The SW5500 utilizes a ClearView™ design that provides the operator with a clear line of sight to both side brooms while comfortable seated. This reduces the chance of damage resulting from an impact while edge sweeping. The SW5500 also automatically reduces the speed of the sweeper when it enters a turn which allows for safer handling of the equipment. The hopper raise/lower functionality also requires the use of both hands on control buttons to ensure that the operator is away from any pinch hazards.

Dust guard option for the SW5500 industrial floor sweeper

DustGuard™ and DustClear™ Dust Suppression

Dust control is one of the most important functions of a good industrial floor sweeper. Without dust control, dirt becomes airborne and free to land throughout your facility and your products. Poor dust control also creates a air quality problem for your employees. Advance incorporates great dust control features into all their sweepers. Take a detailed look into DustGuard™ and DustClear™.

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High dump feature on the SW5500 industrial floor sweeper

High Dump Debris Hopper

The SW5500 hopper can be raised to a height of 65", making it easy to dump debris directly into a waste receptacle while the operator remains seated. The hopper assembly can hold 40 gallons of debris and lift up to 530 lbs of collected debris. Since the SW5500 uses an over-throw sweeping method, you get full utilization of the entire hopper capacity.

Easily service the SW5500 floor sweeper due to MaxAccess

MaxAccess™ for Serviceability

Advance designs equipment to be both easy to use and easy to maintain. The MaxAccess™ design provides easy access to all components that require maintenance. Their tools free philosophy enables the operator to provide routine maintenance quickly and easily.

High dump feature on the SW5500 industrial floor sweeper

Intuitive Operator Controls

The SW5500 operator controls are very easy to use and require minimal training. All buttons have icons that are very intuitive and the controls are placed in ergonomic locations.


Power Source 24V, 366 Ah Batteries or Honda 8.4 HP Engine
Max Speed 6 MPH
Maximum Productivity 161,460 Square Feet / Hour
Sweep Path (1 Side Broom) 46.25 Inches
Sweep Path (2 Side Brooms) 60 Inches
Maximum Grade 20%
Dustguard Tank Capacity 8.5 Gallons
Hopper Capacity 39.6 Gallon / 530 Lbs
Max. Dump Height 65 Inches
Filter Area 75 Square Feet
Side Broom Speed 40 - 155 RPM
Main Broom 33.5 Inches
Side Broom 19.7 Inches
Dimensions 74L x 47W x 62H (Inches)
Weight 1,400 Lbs