Terra 4300B - 46" Battery Powered Industrial Rider Floor Sweeper

The Terra 4300B is an economical and reliable alternative to a push broom and walk-behind sweeper, it is also easier to operate. It has a 46-inch sweep path, meaning it can sweep up to 60,720 square feet per hour. This sweeper was constructed to sweep floors indoors and out, it easily tackles hard floors, sidewalks, and low pile carpet.

This sweeper is built to withstand the needs of industrial cleaning, it has a steel frame and is made of polyethylene, which neither corrodes or rusts. It was constructed to last and be durable, even in a factory setting.

The Terra 4300 collects lightweight but bulky debris in the hopper with an aluminum pre-filter panel. This allows ideal dust control because it prohibits the filter from getting clogged. It also has an electric filter shaker, which produces optimal filter clean-back. The manual dump debris hopper is four sided and made of steel. It is designed to reach maximum capacity without overflowing. The hopper was designed for easy removal and dolly wheels make for easy and swift transport.

This rider sweeper has dual side brooms that are made to be visible, so the operator can sweep close to the walls on both sides of the machine. The machine also has an open, Clear-ViewTM design, which allows the operator to effortlessly see their surroundings. The Terra 4300B is powered by four long-running batteries, increasing the machine’s productivity. The sweeper is equipped with an onboard charger, making charging easy and economical, eliminating the need for a charging station.

This sweeper was designed to make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible. No tools are required to change filters or brooms and all components of the machine are made easily accessible.


Sweep Path 46 Inches
Dual Side Brooms Standard
Main Broom 28 Inches
Side Broom 16.5 Inches
Maximum Productivity 60,720 Square Feet / Hour
Hopper Capacity 2.5 Cubic Feet
Filter Type Panel, Horizontally Mounted
Voltage 24
Batteries 310 Ah Flooded or 312 Ah AGM
Charger Onboard
Minimum Turn 94 Inches
Drive Motor 0.8 HP
Dimensions 58.3L x 36.6W x 48H (Inches)
Weight 562 Lbs