Left side view of the SW4000 industrial floor sweeper
SW4000 - 56383325
49" Battery Powered, Rider Floor Sweeper with High Dump
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Left side of the SW5500 industrial floor sweeper
SW5500 - 56384943
60" Rider Floor Sweeper (Battery, LP or Hybrid)
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Cab enclosure for the SW8000 industrial floor sweeper
SW8000 - 56107501
65 - 77" Rider Floor Sweeper (LP, Gasoline or Diesel)
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Right side view of the Terra 4300B
Terra 4300B - 56100785
46" Battery Powered Industrial Rider Floor Sweeper
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Left side of the Proterra industrial floor sweeper
Proterra - 56380602
51-64 Inch Rider Floor Sweeper (Battery or Engine Powered)
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Factory Cat TR Rider Floor Sweeper
Floor Sweeper, Battery-Powered, Rider (46")
Manufactured By: Factory Cat
Tennant S30 Floor Sweeper
S30 - S30
Floor Sweeper, Rider, 80"
Manufactured By: Tennant