Control panel for the CS7010 industrial floor sweeper scrubber
CS7010 - 56555555
48" Scrub / 61" Sweeper, Rider Combination Machine (Battery, LP, Diesel, Hybrid)
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
High dump feature on the 7765 industrial floor sweeper scrubber
7765 - 56555555
54" Scrub / 60" Sweep, Engine Powered Combination Cleaner
Manufactured By: Nilfisk-Advance
Tennant M17 Sweeper / Scrubber Combination Machine
M17 - M17
Floor Sweeper-Scrubber, Battery Powered, Rider (40")
Manufactured By: Tennant
Tennant M20 Floor Scrubber / Sweeper
M20 - M20
Floor Scrubber / Sweeper, Rider (LP, Gas or Diesel)
Manufactured By: Tennant
Tennant M30 Scrubber Sweeper
M30 - M30
Floor Scrubber / Sweeper, Rider (LP, Gas, Diesel)
Manufactured By: Tennant