Muscle Degreaser
MCP Muscle is a very concentrated non-butyl degreaser. This detergent works best in manufacturing and warehousing facilities that produce some oil on the surface of their floors. MCP Muscle emulsifies and eliminates oil on the surface of the floor and is a great general purpose detergent.
Shine Detergent
MCP Shine is a very concentrated floor scrubber detergent. This detergent works best in warehousing facilities that are cleaning general warehouse dirt and dust. This detergent works well on most surfaces and can be used as a general purpose cleaner throughout your facility. This low-residue formulation will allow the floors to expose their natural luster and provide a shine on most smooth surfaces.
This detergent is a pre-treatment that is applied directly to the soiled area at full strength. After allowing this detergent time to dwell (5-15 minutes), scrub the floor with a brush or automatic floor scrubber until the soil has been displaced. Mop or squeegee up the displaced soil. This detergent is great for tire marks or embedded soil, including oil.