7400 90 - 180 kVA, 400Hz, Battery Powered Ground Power Unit

Airports all over the world are beginning to think greener. At the time of writing, almost half of global passenger traffic passes through Airport Carbon Accredited airports. The number of these airports is rapidly increasing, and more and more airports are interested in reducing their environmental impact. Often the world’s largest airports are located next to major cities that are growing in line with global trends, meaning cities and airports are coming into ever-closer contact. This leads to stricter requirements in terms of the emissions local governments can and will accept.

Battery Powered - GSE Marches Forward

To reduce emissions to airports, battery powered Ground Support Equipment is rapidly replacing diesel-powered equipment such as cargo loaders and pushback tractors. However, 400 Hz Ground Power Units are an even greater energy guzzler. More energy needs to be delivered over a longer time period. This is why ITW GSE’s groundbreaking and environmentally friendly 7400 eGPU is a game changer. A great benefit stands to be gained from replacing popular diesel hungry GPUs and creating a better environment. Did you realize that savings would correspond to emissions in the range of approx. 88.000 kgs / 190.000 lbs of CO2, 80 households, 50 cars or 100 acres of forest?

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