We provide a wide range of ground power equipment, including: 28.5V D.C. Solid State Rectifiers, 28.5V D.C. Diesel Powered Generator Sets, 400Hz A.C. Solid State Frequency Converters and 400Hz A.C. Diesel Powered Generator Sets, and Combination AC/DC Power Equipment. All of our equipment is well-maintained by factory-trained technicians, calibrated to mil-spec settings, protected by factory engineered fail-safe features, and load-tested for proper performance.

How To Rent

Setting up a rental term is very simple; for existing customers, this can be accomplished with a phone call. If you are new to doing business with MCP, all we need is a completed credit application. The more notice you can give for your rental the better we will be able to serve you, but we typically have equipment in stock that is ready to be delivered.

Renting vs. Buying

Renting makes sense seasonal needs or short-term requirements. We provide rental GPU'S for the NBAA conventions. We also provide equipment for increased traffic due to local events. The most common reason for a rental is when budget restrictions make it a necessity. Renting a ground power unit can give you the ability to fulfill an operational need when you have capital spending restraints.

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