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Offering a wide range of cleaning equipment

From industrial combination machines capable of cleaning a 1 million square foot facility to an upright vacuum for your lobby, MCP has access to equipment that will help you maintain a cleaner facility and reduce your cost to clean. We offer a free site survey to learn more about your cleaning requirements and to make a product recommendation. Much of our equipment is available for an on-site demonstration at no charge so that you can see the value that will be provided by your investment. Request a site survey today and one of our expert territory managers will be in touch to help you with your project.

On-site equipment repairs and maintenance

Quality maintenance is a requirement to well performing cleaning equipment. Wear items must be replaced as needed and adjustments are required. MCP provides planned maintenance for your equipment so that you can prolong the life of your equipment and assure that your facility is being cleaned as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you have an equipment failure that requires immediate service, we provide the best response times in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas.

Planned Maintenance

Rental Equipment

MCP maintains a large inventory of well maintained, late model sweepers and scrubbers for short or long term rental. Our machines are serviced after every rental where our staff thoroughly cleans, replaces wear items and makes adjustments for peak performance. We delivery to your location and provide operator training with best practices so that your operator can successfully clean your facility.

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Detergents, Degreasers, Solvents and Disinfectants

MCP offers cleaning solutions for most cleaning jobs, focusing on solutions that are used with cleaning equipment. Our solutions will clean as expected without damaging the equipment that you are using. Learn more about our formulations or request a sample.

Detergent Formulations

The NEW SC4000

Maneuverable mid-sized rider floor scrubber

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