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For over 35 years, Mark C. Pope Associates has been providing rental cleaning equipment to all of Georgia and Florida and parts of Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. The rental fleet at MCP is very diverse and can accommodate most cleaning projects. We couple the best cleaning equipment in the industry with cleaning agents that are specific to your particular need. The machines can also be customized to work on several different surfaces from raw, rough concrete to decorative tiles with floor coatings. MCP also has the expertise to recommend machine type, size, detergent type, brush type and other variables to best fit your task at hand.

What makes MCP different from other Equipment Rental Houses?

There are several places for you to go when you are in need a rental floor scrubber, floor sweeper or combination machine. Many large equipment rental houses provide rental cleaning equipment that can be used for your project. If you have ever rented from one of these providers, you have probably been less than satisfied with the rental cleaning equipment that you received.

A piece of cleaning equipment is much different than a front end loader or scissor lift. Every important part of a floor scrubber or floor sweeper touches the ground and is exposed to constant wear during use. Many heavy equipment rental houses will simply pick-up a piece of equipment from one site and deliver it directly to the next rental customer. These customers may find the equipment in poor condition with maintenance that has not been performed. Squeegee blades might be torn, brushes might be worn and the recovery tank or debris hopper might be full of the previous customers waste. Receiving equipment in this condition is unacceptable, and we strive to deliver the best equipment in the best possible condition.

Well maintained late model equipment

Our equipment is returned to our shop after every rental term and goes through an extensive operation and quality inspection. All worn items are replaced and wear items are adjusted and calibrated so that you get the best performance out of your rental machine. If you have a machine on site for a long period, we service it monthly at your location.

We only provide cleaning equipment, and we have been doing it for 1/3 of a century. We know what works and how to get the best out of every machine. This expertise is first provided at the time of the rental consultation. This can be performed on site or over the phone if you are familiar with the project and expectations. We also deliver the equipment by personnel that are well trained and very experienced in the industry. They can provide detailed operator training along with best practices for your project, safety guidelines and proper daily maintenance routines. Your operators will be well prepared for the project in front of them. If you have any questions during the rental term, you will be able to contact our rental manager by phone or request a visit from your territory manager.

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