Planned Maintenance Program

MCP offers planned maintenance programs that are scheduled to match your equipment usage and equipment maintenance requirements. We offer this program for all cleaning equipment and we will perform the service on all brands.

Who needs planned maintenance?

If your operation is dependent upon a functioning piece of cleaning equipment, planned maintenance is a necessity. If you value long-term equipment usage, reduction of down-time and a lower cost of ownership, then you should have a planned maintenance agreement on your cleaning equipment.

My Machine is under Warranty, why do I need a PM?

All manufacturers offer warranty periods for the equipment that they offer, but not all repairs are subject to warranty. There are times where operator abuse or neglect can cause a failure to be outside of the coverage. A planned maintenance agreement with MCP can catch these issues before they become detrimental to the operation of your equipment while also performing scheduled maintenance procedures that will increase the life of your equipment.

No contract required – if ever you are dissatisfied with the service, the agreement can be canceled with a simple phone call – this motivates our technicians to earn your business on every trip.
Your planned maintenance agreement, which includes over 50 checks and adjustments, will give you peace of mind and take a burden off of you and your company while keeping your cost to a minimum.
Maintenance is performed by factory certified cleaning equipment experts. In fact, all of our technicians are Gold certified.
Flexible plans – Visits can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly and can be tailored to the use of your machine.
Complete and separate service records are maintained and available for each machine.
Reduce the chance of catastrophic failures with timely and thorough factory suggested maintenance.
Keep your machine operating at its peak performance so it is ready when need it.
Reduce downtime by noting potential problems before they cripple performance.
Address operator errors that could damage the machine or cause excessive wear to consumables.
There is no prepayment necessary and no billing occurs until the maintenance is performed.

Equipment Checks


Fluid Levels
Filter, Fuel lines & Fuel System
Hoses & Belts
Starting, Idle & Rated Speeds


Battery Electrolyte Level Check
Hydrometer Check (Specific Gravity)
Connections Cleaned
Charger Check

Drive System / Hydraulics

Braking, Steering, Tires, Wheels & Casters
Headlights, Gauges, & Accessories
Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings, & Oil reservoir check
Lubrication of Grease Points

Sweeping / Scrubbing

Inspection of Brooms & Brushes for Wear
Actuation Test for Squeegees & Brushes
Dust Control System, Filter & Shaker
Rotation of Brushes & Test Pattern for Brooms


Inspection of Solution Flow and Filter
Water Recovery System
Rotation of Squeegee Blades as Needed
Vacuum Motor Check

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