MCP Detergent Formulations

Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. offers several detergents and degreasers that were specifically designed to work in your floor scrubber. Similar products are available through multiple sources, but not all are formulated equally. The chemicals supplied by MCP contain anti-foaming agents, corrosion inhibitors and conditioning agents. All of our detergents are also free of wax.

There are several problems that can occur by using the wrong chemicals in your floor scrubber, below are the most common:

Too Much Foam is a BAD thing!

Foam is your vacuum motor or impellers worst enemy. Foam is easily pulled into the fan and the chemical residue is deposited inside. After time, this residue will cause your vacuum motor or impeller to fail prematurely.

Waxes & Coatings will Cause Problems!

Many formulations include wax or some other type of chemical coating to leave a shine on the floor. This type of product accumulates in your solution lines and can cause your solution solenoid and/or valve to fail prematurely.

Harsh Chemicals will Corrode your Equipment!

Many solvents and other harsh detergents will remove paint, tarnish metals and create the perfect environment for the development of rust. MCP detergents have corrosion inhibitors that will help protect your squeegee mounts, scrub deck, frame and component parts.

Plastic and Rubber parts can become Brittle and Deteriorate!

Floor scrubbers utilize many rubber and plastic components to do their job. Many chemicals can cause rubber components to break-down and make plastic parts brittle. MCP detergents contain conditioning agents that help preserve the integrity of these parts and increase the life of your equipment.

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