Rental Programs

Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. offers rental equipment at daily, weekly or monthly tiered rates. We do not require a rental contract for this program and the rental price automatically adjusts to the next tier if you decide to keep the rental longer than expected. We typically have all models in stock and can provide delivery within 48 hours of a rental request.

Short-Term Cleaning Equipment Rental

Our short-term rental program is for periods of a month or less. If you think you will need the equipment longer than that, you should speak with our rental manager or your local territory manager. We are all about helping you get the most cleaning for your budget, so ask before you rent. If you just have a periodic need that is for a short term, this is the plan for you. Give us a call, or send us a request and we will take care of the rest.

Long-Term Floor Scrubber or Floor Sweeper Rental

The long-term cleaning equipment rental program is for situations where you would like to commit to a rental term of more than a month and are willing to sign a contract for that term. Agreeing to this type of cleaning equipment rental program allows us to provide a rental machine at a lower monthly cost than an at-will type rental.

Long-term cleaning equipment rental come with a structured maintenance program so that your machine is operating at peak performance during the term of the rental. We monitor the hours of operation per rental and design the maintenance program around the usage requirements of the customer. Wear items are included in this program and they will be changed as they are needed.

Rent-To-Own Cleaning Equipment Rental

Operational needs don’t always align with your capital budget. If your company is in this position and still wants to work towards ownership of the equipment, we offer a rent-to-own program. The machine will be delivered on a contract basis and a predetermined percentage of the rental payment will be applied to the purchase of the machine. This program is different than a lease in that you have an opt-out clause that allows you to terminate the program if your needs or plans change.

Delivery of Rental Cleaning Equipment

Equipment is available for pick-up; however, we recommend utilizing our delivery services along with your equipment rental. The equipment that we provide has a very low ground clearance and requires a trailer that will lower all the way to the ground or to a very low grade. Any repair costs for damage that occurs during a customer pick-up will be the responsibility of the customer. To avoid this liability, we suggest that you allow us to deliver and pick-up the rental equipment.

Another benefit of an MCP delivery comes from the customized service at your facility. Our cleaning equipment rental specialist will arrive at your location with an assortment of brooms, brushes, squeegee blades and chemicals so that he can help you develop a cleaning plan for your entire facility. Our cleaning equipment rental specialist also arrives ready to train your operators on how to use the equipment properly.

Additional Information on Cleaning Equipment Rental Program

Operator training will be provided at the time of pick-up or drop off. A full battery charge or propane tank will be provided at the time of delivery. A charger will be provided with all battery units and extra propane tanks are available at a nominal rate. Cleaning equipment Rental is based on a one day minimum, eight hour/day total run time. Weekly rates are based on a seven day week, 56 hours total run time. All hours over allotted amount will be pro-rated and invoiced. The delivery and pick-up services are available at a rate that is variable by the distance from the rental branch. Rental rates include routine maintenance service with no additional charge for repairs associated with failure due to equipment defect. Cleaning solutions are offered in 5 and 55 gallon drums and returns are allowed for any container that is unopened.

Any damages through accident or neglect will be invoiced to the renter. The use of acid etches and extremely caustic strippers can cause damage to the equipment which will result in additional charges. Scrubber tanks and sweeper hoppers must be emptied prior to return or a $200.00 disposal fee will apply. If an LP machine is rented, the aluminum propane that comes with the rental must be returned, or a $175.00 fee will apply. A customer owned tank can not be returned in its place. Missing items, due to theft, misplacement or neglect, will result in an invoice for the value of the item. The use of rental equipment on extremely abrasive surfaces will result in accelerated wear. Please ask in advance for a quotation on wear items associated with this type of use.

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