PDHW Hot Water Pressure Washer, Diesel Powered, Diesel/Oil Heated

This series fills the gap for those who are looking for the versatility of a compact pressure washer with the ruggedness and cleaning power of a full-size skid unit. It’s packed with features and options that make it highly adaptable for use in a variety of different applications. You’ll find a 2,400-watt generator that provides plenty of power for the burner,

as well as a 120V outlet for low-wattage needs; forklift guides for easy transporting, mounting brackets to attach to a trailer, and an oversized, tilt-out fuel tank that’ll assure you have hours of uninterrupted cleaning. A sturdy steel frame is available in a polyester powder coat finish for added weather protection, or all-stainless steel for the ultimate insurance in high corrosion environments, making this unit the ideal choice for an offshore oil drilling operation. Highly versatile and built with the same attention to quality you’ve come to expect from Landa, the PDHW is a great all-around “mid-size” choice for all your cleaning needs!

  • Industrial-duty Kubota diesel engine with keyed electric start

  • Belt-Drive Landa Pump with 7-year warranty

  • High-efficiency 12V burner on some models

  • Conveniently placed control panel features indicator lights and hour meter

  • Optional wheel kit, hose reel platform, spark arrestor, and lift/stack platform

  • Landa Trigger Gun


Model # GPM PSI Pump RMP Engine CCs Burner Voltage
PDHW5-35624E 4.7 3500 1125 Kubota 7602 599 12V DC
PDHW5-35624E/SS 4.7 3500 1125 Kubota 7602 599 12V DC
PDHW5-35624E/G 4.7 3500 1125 Kubota 7602 599 120V DC
PDHW5-35624E/G/SS 4.7 3500 1125 Kubota 7602 599 120V DC

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