PGDC Hot Water Pressure Washer, Gasoline Powered, Diesel/Oil Heated

Using a 12-volt DC burner assembly offers a rugged skid frame with robust cleaning performance specifications at an economical price. This self-contained workhorse can tackle virtually any outdoor cleaning project once you provide the water. An optional wheel kit makes this already versatile machine even more portable, allowing for easy transport on-site. With a reliable Honda, Vanguard, or Kärcher gasoline engine, this machine can provide hours of continuous worry-free cleaning power.

  • Heavy-duty Honda, Vanguard, or Kärcher engine

  • Belt-Drive Landa Pump with 7-year warranty

  • Stainless steel top wrap

  • Safety features include a rupture disk, thermal pump protector, and high-temperature shutoff to guard against buildup of excessive heat or pressure

  • Landa Trigger Gun


Model # GPM PSI Pump RPM Engine CCs
PGDC5-35324E 4.7 3500 1185 Kärcher LC2V80F-D 764
PGDC8-30324E 8.0 3500 1460 Kärcher LC2V80F-D 764
PGDC4-35324E 3.8 3500 1185 Honda GX390 389
PGDC5-35224E 4.7 3500 1185 Vanguard 18 570
PGDC5-35324E 4.7 3500 1185 Honda GX630 688
PGDC8-30324E 8.0 3500 1460 Honda GX690 688

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