SC50 Liberty Autonomous Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

Welcome to the era of intelligent floor care

With a century’s knowledge behind its development, and today’s most advanced robotics technology powering its capabilities, the autonomous Nilfisk Liberty SC50 represents our commitment to delivering the world’s most intelligent cleaning solutions.

By successfully integrating an array of 3D, 2D, infrared and depth sensors within a high performance scrubber-dryer, Nilfisk has elevated floor care to new standards of both effectiveness and efficiency.

Standard Features Include:

  • CopyCat™ mode - replicates a designated cleaning path

  • Fill-in mode - lets you implement autonomous cleaning the fastest way possible (a Nilfisk exclusive)

  • Manual mode - give you complete control over movement and cleaning

  • Smart Obstacle Detection and Go-Around - tracks obstacles around the machine

  • Independent Safety System - creates a safety zone around the machine and detects any danger in the surroundings

  • Robotic Safety Certification - world’s only 3rd party certified autonomous machine (CSA/ANSI C22.2 No. 336-17)

  • SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) - eliminates expensive and long pre-mapping

Productivity and Safety go hand in hand

Safety-certified, fully autonomous and designed for consistent results with minimal oversight, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 allows operators to focus on tasks that benefit the most from valuable human effort, and provides the means for unmatched productivity in any cleaning operation.

Because safety is a prime objective when working with autonomous solutions, the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 is engineered to ensure smooth synergy within its operating environment.

  • Adjusts in real-time to route changes and obstacles including people

  • User-access configuration prevents unauthorized intervention

  • Leaves floors spotless and dry to reduce high-traffic slip risks


Scrub Path 20 Inches
Solution Tank 15 Gallons
Recovery Tank 14 Gallons
Voltage 24V
Battery Capacity 255 Ah
Max Cleaning Speed 2.35 MPH
Max Theoretical Productivity 11,000 Square Feet / Hour
Sound Pressure Level 63 dB A
Minimum Aisle Turn 62.7 Inches
Weight 1067.9 Lbs.

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