SC5000 32 - 36" Ride on, battery powered industrial floor scrubber

A compact, highly maneuverable scrubber that combines intuitive operation, exemplary performance, and leading resource-efficient technologies into a single package, the SC5000 allows operators to clean in spaces both large and small without disrupting business.

Its easy controls, adaptability, and robust, durable construction make it ideal for floorcare applications in environments ranging from warehouses and grocery stores to light- or heavy-industrial environments.

  • Best-in-class turning radius in a profile narrow enough for any corner or aisle

  • SmartFlowTM adjusts detergent and water pressure according to speed

  • Sealed cylindrical brush protects moving parts for up to 4x greater lifespan

  • SmartKey and SupervisorKey settings for user- and environment-specific performance customization

  • Maximum operator safety and productivity with clear sightlines and full functionality control via steering wheel

Intuitive Controls

All command functions are integrated into the steering wheel – quick access allows for seamless, on-the-go adjustments. Operator's hands are always in contact with the wheel.

EcoFlex Detergent Dispensing System

Are some parts of your facility dirtier than others? Clean optimally and reduce detergent costs by adjusting cleaning power based on what's truly needed – at the touch of a button.

SmartFlow Solution System

Reduce detergent costs and extend time between dump-and-refill while using up to 50% less water.


Scrub Deck Type Cylindrical or Disk
Scrub Path 32, 34 or 36 Inches
Cleaning Productivity up to 83,312 square feet per hour
Transport Speed 5 MPH
Minimum Turning Radius 63 - 67 Inches
Scrub Brush Size 17, 32 or 36 Inches
Brush Motor Power 1 or .75 HP
Maximum Run Time 6 Hours
Solution / Recovery Tank Capacity 37 Gallons
Gradability Scrubbing 12%, 6.8°
Sound Level 61 - 63 dB(A)
Voltage 36 V
Brush Speed 250 RPM (Disk) / 750 RPM (Cylindrical)

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