SC60 Liberty Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Built on Brain Corp’s powerful BrainOS® – the world’s most widely-used autonomous operating system – the high-performance Liberty SC60 has exemplary runtime and minimal downtime requirements.

Its significant cleaning capability makes it ideal for maximizing floorcare quality and efficiency across the world’s largest indoor spaces. And, because it’s a Liberty solution, its extensive programmability means operators can adapt the SC60 to any layout, in any environment, in a single run.

Like all Nilfisk Autonomous solutions, the Liberty SC60 is safety-certified, fully autonomous, and designed for consistent results with minimal oversight. This high level of operational safety allows staff to focus on tasks that benefit the most from valuable human effort, and provides the means for unmatched productivity in any large-scale cleaning operation.

  • Best-in-class productivity and runtime

  • The largest scrub deck on a comparable BrainOS enabled robotic scrubber

  • Reliable obstacle-detection/avoidance along cleaning path

  • 3rd party-certified to the Robotic Safety standard (CSI/ANSI 336-compliant)

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface accelerates setup and adoption

  • Regular, cloud-based software updates keep pace with innovation and deliver ongoing value

Enter an era of intelligent cleaning

When the effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency of your cleaning program are all equally important, the Nilfisk Robotic Floorcare portfolio helps you maximize all three. By successfully integrating arrays of 3D, 2D, infrared, and depth sensors within high-performance scrubber dryers, Nilfisk has elevated floorcare to new levels of cleaning capability and reliability.

With a century’s knowledge of professional cleaning behind their development, and today’s most advanced robotics technology powering their capabilities, this new range of revolutionary machines represents our commitment to delivering the world’s most intelligent cleaning solutions.

Designed to clean autonomously without supervision, they give cleaning teams the ability to devote greater attention to critical objectives without compromising on floorcare performance.


Cleaning width 28 inch
Solution/recovery tank capacity 99/105 L / 26.1 /27.74 gal
Voltage (V) 24
Battery type AGM – Maintenance-free
Battery capacity (AH/5) 4.5-5.5 hours (application dependent)
Scrub brush speed 215-260 RPM
Max. transport autonomous 2.46mph / 1.1m/s
Max. transport speed - manual Fwd. 1.90 m/sec.
Max transport speed - manual rev. 1.24 m/sec
Max. theoretical productivity 2811 m2/hr
Sound level (IEC60335-2-72) 57 dB(A)/20μPa
Gradeability transport % (DEG) 16% (9.09°)
Gradeability - Cleaning 9% (5.14°)
Min. turn-around aisle width (M) 1.88 m / 74 inch.
Squeegee width 82.9 cm / 32.6 inch.
Length 169.5 cm / 66.7 inch.
Width 81.1 cm / 31.9 inch.
Height 145.9 cm / 57.4 inch.

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