Scrubmaster B400 R Industrial sweeper scrubber with 48" scrub path, 65" sweep path and 106 gallon tanks

New in 2022, the PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 RH offers an industrial combination of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass.  A true Sweeper-Scrubber, where surfaces are cleaned 2x by independent dry sweeping and wet scrubbing brushes.  The industry-leading tank capacity of 105 gallons, provides fewer empty/refill cycles and more time for productive cleaning.  Simple 1-touch buttons and upfront steering make the B400 RH simple to use for all operators.  Standard features include an LCD operator panel, self-loading brushes, self-cleaning squeegee, solution tank water level indicators, and onboard diagnostics.  Customers that prefer traditional or true sweeper-scrubbers include Warehousing, Distribution centers, Manufacturing, and large open spaces with polished concrete.

Sweep and scrub effectively in one pass

The B400 RH battery powered sweeper/scrubber is unmatched in its class offering maximum productivity allowing you to sweep and scrub in a single pass. Leaving undeniable results with every pass.

Loaded with features

  • Optional Overhead Guard - The overhead guard can be equipped with a safety beacon and blue light

  • Optional Off Aisle Cleaning - Allows the operator to clean in tight spaces

  • Optional Dust Stop Technology - Eliminates up to 90% of airborne dust particulates

  • Squeegee Auto-Flush - Auto-clean squeegee with pressurized water

  • Tilt-up Squeegee - Easy access for simple maintenance

  • Articulated Squeegee Bracket - Innovative patented articulated squeegee bracket allows for tight turns away from walls without damaging squeegee bracket


Sweeping Path with Dual Side Brooms 60 in / 1,524 mm
Scrubbing Path 48.42 in / 1,229 mm
48” Disc Brush Down Pressure 121 / 165 / 209 lbs.
Sweeping Roller Width 34.65 in / 880 mm
Solution Tank 106 gal / 400 liter
Recovery Tank 106 gal / 400 liter
Dirt Hopper Volume 5.34 cubic feet
Maximum Dirt Weight 330 lbs.
Lift Height of Hopper 65 in / 1,660 mm
Nominal Voltage 36 Volts
Battery Runtime 6.4 / 7.1 hours
Length with Squeegee 110.63 in / 281 cm
Width with/without Squeegee 65.35 in / 166 cm – 63 in / 160 cm
Height with/without Overhead Guard 83.46 in / 212 cm - 59 in / 150 cm
Weight with Battery 4,500 lbs.
Noise Level Drivers’ Ear 74 db(A)

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