SLT Hot Water Pressure Washer, Diesel or Gas Powered, Diesel/Oil Heated

The SLT is a beast and is the go-to pressure washer for many workers
in the mining, drilling and fleet industries. It has no problem taking on stubborn grime and grease. With its most powerful model reaching cleaning conditions of up to 8.0 GPM and 3200 PSI, the SLT has the ability to reach hot water temperatures of up to 200°F. Its unique stainless steel coil top wrap offers protection, while its oversize vibration isolators help to cushion the engine and pump platform. With extra-large heating coils and fuel tanks, there’s no wonder why the SLT is the preferred cleaning machine by so many industrial professionals.

  • Powered by either a diesel Kubota engine or gasoline Honda engine

  • Belt-Drive Landa Pump with 7-year warranty

  • Delivers enough water flow to operate two spray guns at the same time

  • Oversized vibration isolators reduce engine-pump vibration

  • Landa Trigger Gun


Model # GPM PSI Pump RPM Engine CCs Engine Fuel
SLT6-32324E 5.9 3200 1570 Honda GX630 688 Gasoline
SLT8-30324E 7.8 3000 1470 Honda GX690 688 Gasoline
SLT6-32624E 6.25 3200 1625 Kubota D1105 1123 Diesel
SLT8-32624E 8.0 3200 1450 Kubota D1105 1123 Diesel

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