SW900 41" Battery Powered, Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

Advance model SW900 is a walk-behind sweeper that works both indoors and out, providing dust-free sweeping of dry debris. Dual side brooms and a large main broom work together to improve results and overall productivity. This machine can be used for schools, warehouses, and cleaning contractors.

Designed to be user-friendly, all the controls are easy to access from the operator’s standpoint. The controls are simple and the machine is comfortable to handle with its ergonomic handlebar. The propulsion control bar allows the operator to single handedly operate the machine.

The SW900 is easy for the operator to maintain because it requires no tools for regular maintenance and the hopper can be removed with just a single hand, making disposal easy.

This sweeper is equipped with a direct throw design, dual side brooms that can be controlled separately, and a standard manual filter shaker, making it highly productive with greater cleaning performance. Wet sweep bypass is a feature that allows the operator to sweep in wet conditions without getting water on the filter. This machine is equipped with an onboard charger, making it convenient to charge wherever an outlet is present. It can run up to 3 hours on a charge.

Debris Hopper

The debris hopper is easily removed with its articulating handle without the use of any tools. The bottom of the hopper assembly has wheels that make it easy to transport to your dumping area without scuffing or scratching the hopper.

At 2.1 cubic feet, this hopper can capture a lot of debris, reducing the dumping frequency.

Onboard Battery Charger

The onboard battery charger eliminates the need for a charging station allowing you to charge your sweeper anywhere you have a 110V outlet. The charger is automatic and will start as soon as the machine is plugged in, complete the charge cycle and then shut-off. Once the charger has shut-off, it will continue to monitor the state of charge and provide a trickle charge if needed.

Tools Free Maintenance

Advance equipment is designed to be easy to care for, and the SW900 is no exception. Common maintenance requirements like broom removal, broom adjustment, hopper removal, filter removal, etc, all can be completed without the use of tools. This makes it easy for the operator to complete their duty with very little effort and time required.


Dual Side Brooms Standard
Maximum Productivity 50,850 Square Feet / Hour
Sweeping Path 41 Inches
Main Broom 24 Inches
Main Broom Rotation 420 RPM
Side Brooms (2) 12 Inches
Hopper Capacity (2) 12 Inches
Filter Area 21 Square Feet
Filter Type 5-10 Micron
Filter Shaker Manual
Maximum Speed 2.8 MPH
Motor 0.9 HP
Batteries 12V, 242 Ah Flooded or 189 Ah Gel
Charger Onboard
Dimensions 55L x 37W x 43H (Inches)
Weight 390 Lbs

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