Terra 28B 28" Battery Powered, Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

The Terra 28B is a super quiet, easy to maneuver, self-propelled floor sweeper that can be used on most surfaces. It is user friendly for operators of all sizes due to its light weight and compact design. The Terra 28B has A.S.A.P. (All Surface All Purposes) technology, making the operator more efficient by not having to change the broom type when going from one kind of floor to another. Sometimes this can even be done without adjusting the broom height. A.S.A.P. is accomplished with the broom’s unique design. It has both coarse and soft bristles, making it easy to pick up any type of debris on any surface. This sweeper is easy to use for all operators because it features One-Touch™ operation.

A great replacement for a wide area vacuum

The Advance Terra 28B walk-behind sweeper is a step above wide-area vacuums. It outperforms 28 inch wide-area vacuums by providing 2.5x more productivity. The Terra 28B’s innovative side broom relieves the operator from having to edge clean. Cleaning with this machine is also much quieter than a vacuum. It has a rating of only 59 dB A, which makes it one of the quietest sweepers on the market.

Tools free maintenance

This machine comes standard with a gel battery that requires little to no maintenance, while still providing long run times. The Terra 28B comes with an onboard battery charger that can be plugged into any outlet, making it super convenient to charge. Broom adjustment and removal are made easy because no tools are required. Easy brush removal makes cleaning the sweeper at the end of the operator’s shift simple.

Less Consumables = Less Down-time

The Terra 28B promotes green cleaning and productivity by using a heavy duty polyester panel filter and the most vigorous filter shaker in its class. When used regularly, the filter shaker can extend the life of the filter dramatically. This sweeper is also bag-less, which maximizes productivity and minimizes waste. The sweeper is reduces costs by reducing the need to replace consumable items and reducing the time to change those items.


Sweep Path 28.3 Inches
Main Broom Length 19.7 Inches
Main Broom Speed 335 RPM
Side Broom Diameter 12.4 Inches
Maximum Productivity 31,200 Square Feet / Hour
Hopper Capacity 2.1 Cubic Feet
Maximum Speed 2.5 MPH
Maximum Grade 20%
Weight 171 Lbs.
Charger 12V, 6 Amps, Onboard
Dimensions 39L x 31.5W x 24.4H (Inches)

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