Is it time to clean your battery room?

Does your battery room look like this? Well, it happens to the best of us and it is just the nature of battery maintenance. Battery charging, watering and changing can create a dirty environment. Over-watered batteries will boil over during a charge cycle leaving acidic residue on the floor that could be tracked throughout your facility. Dust and dirt develop under the racking and mix with the residue due to the difficulty of cleaning under the racking.

These issues aren't just aesthetically off-putting; they can damage your equipment and create potential safety issues. Over time, this residue will etch any coatings on your floor and deteriorate your concrete. The racking may begin to rust and become unstable for the load that it must carry. The acidic residue on the ground needs to be neutralized before it can be cleaned and wearing protective safety gear is essential.

MCP provides clean-up services so that you don't have to worry with the process. Call us today for an evaluation and quotation.

Professional battery room cleanup by Mark C. Pope Associates.