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Fleet management services

MCP offers services to completely manage the power for your electric forklift fleet, from initial capital planning to daily maintenance. We can provide on-site staff to deliver proper battery maintenance, monitor charging cycles, change-out batteries, routinely water batteries and follow OSHA guidelines to safely support your fleet operations.

Allow your personnel to concentrate on the work that makes your business successful and allow us to increase the life of your forklift batteries with superior battery and charger care.

Opportunity charging for multi-shift operations

Are you currently utilizing a battery change-out system to accommodate a mult-shift material handling or manufacturing operation. You could be a candidate for an opportunity charging solution that could lower your operating and capital costs.

MCP offers energy studies on your fleet to see if you can replace your change-out system for periodic charging at high outputs to provide enough power to run continuously.

Periodic battery and charger maintenance

Proper battery maintenance can greatly extend the life of your batteries and provide better up-time for your operation. A premature battery failure is a costly expense that can be avoided by making sure that the battery is properly watered, cables and connectors are not damaged, battery and charger are not mis-matched and the charging program ensures periodic equalization.

MCP can provide these services at a periodic interval or as needed. Request a visit by your territory manager to learn more about how we can help you care for your batteries and chargers.

More About Maintenance

Rental batteries and chargers

Sometimes capital planning doesn’t match your current operational needs. If you need a short or long-term battery or charger rental, MCP has a large availability of standard size equipment. If you prefer not to tie capital up with this type of asset, we can provide a program that will deliver a battery/charger combination at a fixed length term that includes maintenance. Let us help you stretch your budget and limit the number of depreciating assets on your books.

Battery Change Out / Maintenance Software

Control all aspects of your electric forklift power assets including change out management, battery inspections, capacity tests, recording procedural checklists and general maintenance tasks. This software requires no expensive monitoring devices and can be accessed through any browser.

  • Asset Management

  • Battery Watering / Washing

  • Battery Change Management

  • Planned Maintenance

  • Capacity Testing

  • Role Based Team Members

  • Service Tickets

  • Procedural Checklist

  • Performance Reports

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