Planned maintenance programs

A planned maintenance program allows you to prolong the life of your assets, deliver consistent power capacities and maintain safer operations for your employees. MCP can schedule a recurring maintenance frequency based on your usage and environment. Capacity checks, repairs, watering, training and safety checks can be completed on-site and at times that work best for your operational schedule.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection of all components, including: cables, connectors, vent-caps, cell covers, compound, tray and watering system.

Cell evaluation

Recording of individual cell's voltage readings and specific gravity ratings on target/suspect cells.

Replacement parts

Missing/damaged vent caps and inter-cell connector covers will be replaced at no additional charge.

Cable routing

Battery and charger cables will be properly routed to prevent damage and zip-tied in place.


Water will be added to batteries if the water level is too low at the time of maintenance.


Minor damage to cables will be repaired with heat shrink tubing.


An inspection report will be included with the battery scheduled maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of a battery planned maintenance program?

  • Longer battery life.

  • Better battery performance.

  • Problems can be identified before they become costly.

  • Accurate records of equipment maintenance as well as a continuos forecast of end of life.

What if I am not experiencing any problems now?

  • Changes can occur from within a battery from cell to cell that are hard to detect until the whole battery is in bad shape. A scheduled maintenance program helps to catch these problems at an early stage, saving costly repairs.

  • Do you have acid damage and corrosion on your batteries, floors, and truck compartments? A PM program helps to keep the battery, floor, and truck clean.

  • We observe and correct cable and connector damage on a regular basis.

  • A visual inspection can identify any safety issues that could cause injury to an employee.

Why do chargers need to be serviced?

  • Contacts can become pitted from being disconnected during a charge cycle which can create excess heat due to a poor connection. Replacing the contacts can prevent the connector from melting during a charge.

  • Cables, connectors need to be inspected and repaired as needed.

  • Monitoring the start and finish rates can reduce the chance of batteries being improperly charged.

  • Aging batteries might benefit from a change in current levels provided by the charger.

Why is a PM needed if I have a 5 year warranty?

Just like your automobile, there is certain routine maintenance that is not included with a warranty and neglect of this maintenance can actually void your warranty.

  • Watering the battery is not enough to insure long life and good performance. Electrolyte levels change so they must be checked regularly and adjusted when needed.

  • Cables and connectors must be free from damage so the battery can deliver its stored power.

  • Batteries must be cleaned to help prevent damage from corrosion. The build-up of acid residue is conductive and can lead to stray current on the frame of your forklift that could damage electronic components.

  • Insuring proper charging cycles including a periodic equalization period is required.

What kind of investment am I looking at for a PM program

The fee for PM programs depends on the frequency of service, number of batteries and chargers and the services you opt-in to. With a typical battery costing thousands of dollars, there is definitely a return on your investment. We typically start with a free equipment evaluation and then recommend a program based on your usage and the age/condition of your fleet.

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