Forklift batteries

When selecting a battery, it is important to know the available size of the battery compartment, counter weight requirements, recommended amp hour capacity and the voltage of the lift truck. Other considerations include the number of shifts for your operation as well as the energy needed to fulfil a shift. Some of these questions aren’t easily answered without the help of an expert. We recommend an energy study to help with the recommendation of the correct battery type for your facility. Contact us for more information.

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Battery cargers

Today’s chargers are designed to provide energy to restore power based on the requirements of your operation. From single to multi-shift operations, we can provide charging solutions to keep your operation moving smoothly. MCP offers utility chargers for single shift low usage customers, opportunity chargers for multi-shift operations, fast-chargers for multi-shift high-usage facilities specialized chargers for lithium-ion batteries.

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Battery handling necessities

If your operation requires battery changes, having the right battery handling equipment is necessary to prevent equipment damage or personal injury. MCP provides extraction equipment for all lift truck types, charger racks, battery racks, spill treatment and containment systems, cable retractors, osha signage, eye wash stations and many other items. A safe battery handling operation is something we take very seriously and we have the personnel and experience to help you provide that for your employees.

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Battery watering systems

Monitoring the water level of your batteries and maintaining consistent levels is one of the most important requirements of proper battery care. Water evaporates at higher rates in the summer months or in high usage operations, so watering intervals are not the same for every facility. Utilizing a watering system can help ensure proper watering since the valves will only open to allow water through if water is low and will shut-off when they have reached the proper level. A watering system does not eliminate the need for periodic water level inspection, but they certainly provide a huge reduction in the cost of labor to water your batteries.

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