Racking and stands

Battery rack and charger stand for electric forklift trucks

MCP is an authorized distributor for Battery Handling Systems and they manufacture specialized racking and stands for forklift batteries and chargers. Battery changes, storage and charging can be made easier with this equipment that is manufactured with heavy-duty steel for durability, engineered for countless configurations and designed for operator safety.

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Side battery extractors

Side extractor for narrow aisle electric forklift trucks

If you are maintaining and servicing batteries inĀ narrow-aisle forklifts, a side extraction carrier is a necessity. Side extractors allow you to remove batteries safely and efficiently with a minimal amount of effort on the part of the operator. Several configurations and optional accessories are available to help you support your battery fleet.

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Overhead gantry crate extractors

Overhead crane for forklift battery extraction for electric sit down lift trucks

Gantry cranes provide safe and efficient vertical extraction for most standard lift truck batteries by utilizing vertical space. The crane lifts the forklift battery and provides the operator with full control, minimizing muscle strain while providing enhanced productivity. In some environments, gantries can also allow for better utilization of floor space.

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Man-aboard change-out systems

Not all forklift battery extraction applications demand the same handling solutions, equipment, or stacking requirements. We offer a variety of extraction methods with several options available to customize the system for every facility. All units have features that make them the most versatile, reliable, and cost-effective battery extractors for Industry 4.0 applications. For maximum efficiency and space-savings, BEs are also available in multi-level systems.

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