Utility/Single shift chargers

Opportunity charger for forklift batteries

Today's generation of forklift chargers are super energy efficient, take up a smaller physical footprint and are very easy to use. Utility, single shift chargers are setup to provide a full charge daily over an 8 hour period and allowing for an eight hour cool off period for your battery. An equalization charge can be programmed to occur weekly to make sure that the battery maintains a longer life and consistent capacity.

Opportunity chargers

Ecotec forklift battery charger

Opportunity chargers are designed to increase the run-time daily to potentially cover a 2-shift operation. High output charging periods are utilized during breaks and downtime to replenish part of the battery's power. Utilizing an opportunity charging strategy requires more than just selecting the appropriate charger; a plan must be established to ensure that the battery receives an equalization charge once per week to keep from damaging the battery. MCP is here to help you design a plan that works for your operation.

Fast chargers

Infinity opportunity chargers for forklift batteries

Fast chargers provide very high outputs to quickly return a portion of the battery's power and are typically used with an opportunity charging strategy. Utilizing fast chargers also requires specialized batteries that have double cables and inter-cell connectors that can handle the increase in power provided by the charger.

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Lithium-ion chargers

Futur battery charger for lithium ion forklift batteries

Special chargers are needed when you are utilizing lithium-ion forklift batteries. MCP provides several chargers that can safely and efficiently re-charge your lithium batteries.

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