Forklift battery watering services

Keeping the correct electrolyte levels in your industrial batteries is the key to securing long life and capacity. Batteries lose water to evaporation due to gassing at the end of a charge cycle and general equipment operation. Increased ambient temperatures also contribute to the rate of evaporation. The electrolyte level in your battery needs to be adjusted frequently by resupplying the water that has evaporated. Failure to replenish this lost water can create irreparable damage to the exposed lead plates, creating a capacity loss or failure of the battery.

MCP offers on-site battery watering programs to help you with this issue. An experienced MCP technician will monitor your battery usage and water levels to tailor a program to your specific need. We will water your batteries at a frequency that will ensure proper maintenance and good battery health.

Increase battery life

Increase battery life and maintain capacity.

On-site service

Battery watering services can be performed at your location with limited down-time per battery.

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Kimberly Clark's battery fleet management

Kimberly-Clark in Beach Island South Carolina owns and leases a fleet of 250+ batteries and 130+ chargers. KCBI maintained their battery room with a standard charge and cool rotation. This process was first managed by their forklift operators and...

Converting to opportunity charging at Valassis

Valassis was looking for a solution to free up valuable space in their facility by eliminating their battery changing area. They were also concerned with the safety of their employees changing batteries and the time required to do so.

Making battery watering easy

Over-watering or under-watering your battery are two of the most common causes of battery failure. Over-watering a battery creates spills that deplete the electrolyte level in the battery, leaving the battery acid starved and inefficient. This can...

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